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Rest Day

We’ve had some more pictures, this one is from The Everyman Folk Club last Friday.  Today was a rest day and it’s given us time to do a bit of house work, answer emails, play some bagpipes and listen to our recordings from BBC Radio Suffolk last week.  You can catch them online for the next few days:

Friday played Millworker from our album on the mash
Monday was our bagpipe didling song at around
Tuesday was Nick singing The First Time I Saw Your Face
Wednesday was an interview with us and The Blacksmith
Tomorrow will be the final track we recorded which was Jonny and Vicki singing Broken Token.

We’re off to Stortfolk in Bishop’s Stortford tomorrow, Bury St Edmunds on Friday and Torriano Story Night in London on Saturday to round up National Storytelling Week!

More tomorrow!
Vicki, Jonny & Nick


Day 4 on the Whispering Road

Day four saw us recording a little radio snippet for National Storytelling week, sat in the front room surrounded by a forest of cables and microphone stands.  We’ll let you know when and where you can hear it!

trundling down to the Croydon Folk Club.  We played here many moons ago when we were seriouskitchen before.  It’s always fun to go to places we’ve been to before. 🙂  It was a blustery evening and we made sure we left plenty of time, Nick’s tweet summed up our journey:

“You’re going south? they said. Prepare for gridlock, they said. Worst traffic in the known world, they muttered shaking their heads. And now we’re two hours early for the Croydon folk club! #whisperingtour @seriouskitchen3

The journey went superbly and we enjoyed a very leisurely Chinese takeaway in the car. 🙂
Tuesday is a rest day, so we’ll update again very soon!
Vicki, Jonny & Nick

Day 3 in the #whisperingtour car

Day three in the #whisperingtour car took us southwards to Walthamstow. The venue is amazing, the upstairs theatre room in a pub. You’d not expect such a theatre in a pub, staging, lights, total black out. A really wonderful place. We got to try out the headset mics for the first time in situ and they were great, lovely to get away from a static mic stand. A highlight for me (Vicki) was meeting a brand new nyckelharpa player. There are so few of us that’s it’s really cool to meet new people!
More soon!
Vicki, Jonny & Nick

Day 2 in the #whispering tour car

Off to the Granary Theatre in Norfolk

Off to the Granary Theatre in Norfolk

Day two was fun.  The promised snow never really arrived so we had a lovely drive through the Suffolk and Norfolk Countryside.  Jonny is amazing at packing the car, I have no idea how he fits everything in, but three guitar cases, harp, accordion and nyckelharpa all go in along with three people.  The views of the countryside were lovely as we drove further north.  Lunch and a crossword at the the Beach Cafe in Wells-next-the-Sea.  The Granary Theatre is a lovely little 80 seater venue, tucked away.  A very intimate place with a wonderful atmosphere.  Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  After the performance it had started to rain and all the pretty snow had gone, which was both a shame and also a relief! We’re down south tomorrow in Walthamstow.  See you there!
Vicki, Jonny & Nick

Day 1 in the #whisperingtour car

Recording for Drive Time at BBC Radio Suffolk

Recording for Drive Time at BBC Radio Suffolk

Hello everyone!
Day 1 was full on packed. We headed up to the BBC Suffolk radio station to record some tracks and an interview to be played on drive time over the next week. We last played here many many years ago for the old folk show. Good memories! With some time to kill we lunched at a local cafe before heading up to Saxmundham and the wonderful Everyman Folk Club. The new venue was packed out and the atmosphere was wonderful. A really, really great place for our first night.
We’re tweeting live from our twitter account @seriouskitchen3 with the hash tag #whisperingtour so join in the conversation!
I’ll add photos to this post later, we’re on the road up to Norfolk and Wells-next-the-Sea as I type with one finger on my iPhone from the back of the car!
Vicki, Jonny & Nick

The Tour Starts Today!

The tour starts today!  Hurrah, Vicki & Jonny had a little warm up gig last night at the Loughton Folk Club to limber up with. Which was a lovely little club in the upstairs room of the Loughton club.  Lots of varied floor spots, tunes, chorus songs even a comedian.  A lovely way to begin our month of gigs.  We’re watching the snow front come in, but we’re confident we’ll get to the gig ok.  We’ll pack ski jackets and a snow shovel.  Any snow shouldn’t hit until after the show tonight, so no reason to panic. Being in the South East we’re hoping that the clouds will be snowed out by the time it reaches over here.  We’re heading off this morning up to BBC Radio Suffolk before heading on up to the Everyman Folk Club in Suffolk.

Watch this space for daily diary updates and photographs.  In the meantime watch out for trolls!
Vicki, Nick & Jonny

8 Days to go

Eight days and counting!  We’ve ordered up some wintery weather for this week to get everyone in the mood for for a story from the frozen north, but we’re hoping not too much so that it hasn’t got time to melt again!  In the meantime here is our press release from our previews in Cumria.
Vicki, Jonny, Nick


17 Days to go…

Hello all!
Just 17 days to go until we take The Whispering Road on the the road.  Very exciting.  We’re getting ready, limbering up and checking underneath the beds for stray trolls.  We are very, very excited!
Vicki, Nick & Jonny