A full week of gigs…

seriouskitchen newspaper clippingHello!
It’s been a pretty mad week here in the kitchen. Not all troll slaying though.  Vicki & Jonny are in the middle of dashing around from Kent to Hampshire, then Wales and up to Gloucestershire before running back to Essex to run their Scandi Session at the Swan.  Nick had his own solo gig in Essex whilst they were away.  A couple of troll incantations were performed outside of the show, just to make sure that everyone was safe and protected!  The trolls are still falling thick and fast, but there are plenty yet to find!  Colchester, Southend and Ely next week. (Once V&J are back again!)  We’ve had a piece published in the local papers (we think you’ll find it in Colchester and Southend and we picked up a copy from our local paper, scanned it and have put it up here for you, click on the thumbnail picture to read the contents!
More soon
Vicki, Jonny & Nick