Brand New Trailer

We have a brand new trailer and we’re really please with it!  The major difference is that we now have some audience reviews at the end.  We had a great day filming at the High Barn and everyone who came along was awesome!

Just incase you’ve missed us tweeting it, or sharing it, here it is just for you!  There is much more in the way of video that we’re going to share, but we don’t want to overload everyone in one hit!  Enjoy
Nick, Vicki & Jonny

End of our tour

celebratesMorning all!
(It feels like morning anyway!)  We’ve reached the end of our tour of the Whispering Road and we celebrated on our return last night with bubbly and chocolate.  (While Vicki did the housekeeping).  It’s been a wonderful month on the road and we’ve all had such fun!  The greatest thing though is that this isn’t actually the end!  We’re now planning our tours around the country, so hopefully if we didn’t come anywhere near you we now will be!  So if you missed us, or want us to come closer, now is the time to get in touch!  Send us a message, tell your local club or venue to send us a message!  Don’t be shy, we need to come and make sure your town is safe from trolls!

In the mean time you’ll find us next performing the show in Kent on Friday 8th March at Scandalmongers at The Tom Thumb Theatre.  It’s going to be a great night!  (There may also be a video blog being edited together, but we’ve had to rescue it from the mouth of the troll, so who knows what’s going to be on that camera!)
Vicki, Jonny & Nick

News from the #whisperingtour

Hoy at AnchorHello!
It’s been a long week with Vicki and Jonny playing in Kent, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and a show gig in the middle.  We’ve now slain 10 sets of trolls, with only another four left to go until the end of the tour.  It’ll be a very quiet kitchen next week! This evening saw us at the Hoy at Anchor Folk Club, where Vicki announcing that Abba was also a brand of sill (pickled) herring put everyone in the room into spasms of laughter, so that Jonny had to leave the room so Nick could sing his very serious love song – dedicated to Agneta from Abba (who went to the same school as Vicki’s mum) and not burst into laughter.  Vicki – wiping away tears of laughter looked earnestly at the floor.  We suspect Nick’s song tomorrow will be something completely different. Maybe The River….

It’s been a wonderful tour and we’re all very sad that it’s nearing its conclusion, but we do have our mystery event to look forward to.  We are revamping our publicity and are filming the show on Sunday at The High Barn in Great Bardfield.  It’s going to be a fun filled evening and starts nice and early at 6pm.  So come and be part of the phenomenon that is “The Whispering Road”.  We promise to try not to make too many herring based jokes…

Don’t forget to join us on twitter using the #whisperingtour tag. More news from the kitchen soon!
Vicki, Jonny, Nick

The Tour Starts Today!

The tour starts today!  Hurrah, Vicki & Jonny had a little warm up gig last night at the Loughton Folk Club to limber up with. Which was a lovely little club in the upstairs room of the Loughton club.  Lots of varied floor spots, tunes, chorus songs even a comedian.  A lovely way to begin our month of gigs.  We’re watching the snow front come in, but we’re confident we’ll get to the gig ok.  We’ll pack ski jackets and a snow shovel.  Any snow shouldn’t hit until after the show tonight, so no reason to panic. Being in the South East we’re hoping that the clouds will be snowed out by the time it reaches over here.  We’re heading off this morning up to BBC Radio Suffolk before heading on up to the Everyman Folk Club in Suffolk.

Watch this space for daily diary updates and photographs.  In the meantime watch out for trolls!
Vicki, Nick & Jonny

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website, it doesn’t look all that different, but we’ve moved it and changed the way it’s built (we love wordpress). So it’s all ready for our tour next month. We’re getting very excited about the tour, so make sure you check out our map and see if you can come and see the show.  If you want to know a bit more about the show, check out our trailer, it’s on the front page!

We’ll be keeping our tour diary here and also in FaceBook, so keep a look out.  In the mean time have a great Christmas and New Year!
Vicki, Jonny, Nick