British Awards for Storytelling Excellence



The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence are chosen by you, and the voting is open.

We’re really pleased to have been nominated in three different categories. There are a lot of really great storytellers that are also up, so take yourself over to the BASE website and cast your vote! Please take a moment to also check out some of the other fantastic storytelling work taking place across Britain in other categories, and vote for your favourites.

Obviously we would love it if you voted for  The Whispering Road, we would be very happy and grateful. (To remind yourself of the evening check out our playlist.)

The voting closes on 1st October  and you can vote at 

The awards ceremony takes place on 12th October 2013 at Creed Street MK- and tickets can be bought via…..  We hope to see you there!”

But the main thing is that you vote for someone. 🙂