Days 5, 6 and 7

It’s been a hectic few days, playing in Hertfordshire, Suffolk and London.  We also took some time out to celebrate Nick’s birthday, chocolate brownie cake, candles and singing.  We’ve not seen much of the mornings but what little has been seen has been filled with a little bit of ironing, washing up, Jonny has put up new outside lights, Vicki has been tapping away at the computer and squeaking away at the pipes putting together a new bagpipe book and Nick has been doing something in his room beginning with Z (but not sleeping, not that sort of Z).

We’ve had such a great response to the show everywhere we go we keep hearing the words: Stunning – Amazing – Magnificent – we want to see it again!  So we’ve added a scrolling testimonial section on the front of our website.  Feel free to sent us in your quote from the show and we’ll add it to the pile!  We love them all.  Vi hade några Svensk i publiken igår kväll – hej tjejer!  Det var jätte kul att höra ni skratta innan Nick översätt vad jag sa på Svensk!  Kul att träffas!

We’ve also been slightly aware of being followed, it’s been very strange, but something is definitely out there stalking our movements.  We’ve tried to capture this feeling on film, so that’s todays picture…

We’re at The Torriano Meeting House tonight hoping for an audience full of storytellers and maybe another Swede or two…
Vicki, Jonny & Nick