Dorset, Devon and Somerset!

ACTHello all!
We’re on the road again slaying trolls as we go. Last night was the most amazing venue ever. The Roundhouse in the Ancient Technology Centre in Cambourne. Inside is a fire pit and we performed from the middle. No electricity meant the place was bathed in firelight and lanterns. We had to rig up a little tiny makeshift torch for Vicki so she could discern the different coloured keys on her harpa and Nick the red and black strings on his harp. (You can see it in the picture below if you look really hard!) Jonny was adamant that he did’t need to be able to see his fretboard. We did notice a couple of unusual jazz chords slip in though…


Playing in the firelight was a wonderful experience and Nick made the absolute most of being able to stride around the fire. It was the perfect place to slay trolls in and the audience was wonderful.  We wish that every performance could be like this one. We made a youtube video and as soon as we get enough bandwidth on tour we’ll upload it for you.

Tonight sees us in Exeter at the Barnfield Theatre. We shouldn’t have to worry about being able to see our instruments tonight. Tomorrow we get to drop off four nyckelharpas at Halsway Manor and then slay some more trolls at the Silver Street Sessions in Wiveliscombe. Then Vicki and Jonny continue on their tour down in Cornwall and Nick heads home again.

Come and say hej hej if you’re at one of these gigs!
Vicki, Jonny & Nick

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