The Tour Starts Today!

The tour starts today!  Hurrah, Vicki & Jonny had a little warm up gig last night at the Loughton Folk Club to limber up with. Which was a lovely little club in the upstairs room of the Loughton club.  Lots of varied floor spots, tunes, chorus songs even a comedian.  A lovely way to begin our month of gigs.  We’re watching the snow front come in, but we’re confident we’ll get to the gig ok.  We’ll pack ski jackets and a snow shovel.  Any snow shouldn’t hit until after the show tonight, so no reason to panic. Being in the South East we’re hoping that the clouds will be snowed out by the time it reaches over here.  We’re heading off this morning up to BBC Radio Suffolk before heading on up to the Everyman Folk Club in Suffolk.

Watch this space for daily diary updates and photographs.  In the meantime watch out for trolls!
Vicki, Nick & Jonny