News from the #whisperingtour

Hoy at AnchorHello!
It’s been a long week with Vicki and Jonny playing in Kent, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and a show gig in the middle.  We’ve now slain 10 sets of trolls, with only another four left to go until the end of the tour.  It’ll be a very quiet kitchen next week! This evening saw us at the Hoy at Anchor Folk Club, where Vicki announcing that Abba was also a brand of sill (pickled) herring put everyone in the room into spasms of laughter, so that Jonny had to leave the room so Nick could sing his very serious love song – dedicated to Agneta from Abba (who went to the same school as Vicki’s mum) and not burst into laughter.  Vicki – wiping away tears of laughter looked earnestly at the floor.  We suspect Nick’s song tomorrow will be something completely different. Maybe The River….

It’s been a wonderful tour and we’re all very sad that it’s nearing its conclusion, but we do have our mystery event to look forward to.  We are revamping our publicity and are filming the show on Sunday at The High Barn in Great Bardfield.  It’s going to be a fun filled evening and starts nice and early at 6pm.  So come and be part of the phenomenon that is “The Whispering Road”.  We promise to try not to make too many herring based jokes…

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Vicki, Jonny, Nick